Single Spider-Ti® Instructions

Single Spider-Ti® securing methods:  Create a figure "8" configuration with two individual loops for hands as shown.

1.  Grasp the Spider-Ti® head end so that the Spider logo is visible   (top side facing up).

2.  Insert the tail end through the dry (non-grabbing) socket marked #1.  (Note:  The side with the multiple teeth should be on the inside of the loop with the ruler showing on the outside of the loop.)

Place the loop around the suspect's wrist and tighten securely by pulling on the tail end.

Make a second loop by creating a figure 8 with the remaining length of the Spider-Ti® and inserting the tail end through the locking socket on the head marked #2.  Place the suspect's other wrist through the new loop and tighten securely by pulling the tail end.

For extra security, loop the tail end through the last locking socket marked #3.  (This 3rd loop can also be used to secure the suspect to a fixed spot such as a rail, door handle, stretcher rail, etc.  CAUTION, when doing this, if suspect struggles, it may cause Spider-Ti® to over tighten and restrict blood circulation.)