Welcome to the home page of the Spider-Ti. This innovative human restraint system was developed by Greg Thompson to overcome the limitations of the typical restraints in use today. As an industrial design engineer he developed many products to aid in the corrections system and saw the need for a safer, more effective restraint.

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Lightweight disposable cuffs have been very popular due to increasing crime rates and risks associated with AIDS, hepatitis and other health related factors.  Lightweight disposable cuffs also reduce expenses by cutting down on the time it takes to process suspects and properly disinfect standard metal cuffs.  Most other disposable cuffs on the market today are limited in their uses, are slow to apply, bulky to handle and expensive.

        Now there is the patented Spider-Ti®, the cuff of the future!  This is a specially designed cuffing system specifically for human restraint.  It's incredibly strong, very lightweight, fast and easy to use, as well as extremely versatile for many different kinds of security situations.  The Spider-Ti® can be applied very quickly while allowing variable distances between limbs.  This is a first for disposable restraints and can be very important for large or injured suspects with a limited range of motion.  In certain situations a suspect needs to be secured to a fixed spot such as a stretcher, bed, door knob or car.  Spider-Ti is the only restraint that can make three loops, the third loop can be used to secure to fixed objects and cut loose so you can move a suspect several times without the dangers of a suspect getting free.  Due to its versatility it can also be used on feet, legs or even securing any number of prisoners together for safe, secure transportation with or without the optional cable harness.  The Spider-Ti® is also available in three distinct colors for your personal preferences or color coding its uses.  When dealing with criminals you need every advantage you can get, so be prepared for all situations with the Spider-Ti® lightweight disposable cuffing system!