General Spider-Ti® Instructions

For the purpose of the instructions on this page, please refer to the drawing to the right and make note of the various parts and orientation of the Spider-Ti®It is important to note the Spider-Ti®has two distinct sides.  The bottom side is the flat, smooth side with a 12 inch ruler from the stopper bumps to the tail end.  The top side is the side that has the Spider-Ti® logo near the head, with notches, or teeth along most of the length, and finger grip teeth on the tail end.  The tail end is the section that comes to a point.  The head is the rectangular section that has two locking sockets and one non-grabbing, or "dry" socket.  A dry socket is the hole slot with no teeth that does not lock.  The dry socket is labeled #1.  The locking sockets are labeled #2 (in the center of the head and labeled on the bottom  side) and #3 (at the end of the head, labeled on the top side).  To remove, simply use cutters, to cut as close to the head as possible.  Note, depending on how it is used, and how it is cut off,  Spider-Ti's® can be safely reused as many as four times or more, before being disposed of.